I have seen many speakers in my days but Dr. Rigsby was the Wow Factor that all the others were missing. He took our group through so many emotions just talking about "Lessons From A Third Grade Dropout" while relating it to our business! His message was strong and something I will never forget. I bought his book and will be passing his message onto all of my employees. I applaud VolksWagen for bringing him to us and also Dr. Rigsby for delivering a memorable and meaningful message. Thank you! Make an Impact!

Dan Murphy | National Parts & Services | VolksWagen of America

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Carl Basden
BellSouth TeleCommunications, Inc.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job that you did at our strategic alignment meeting…Your message was right on target and the delivery was outstanding. You truly made an IMPACT on our team as evidenced by the points from your message that have been quoted in several of our meetings…The personal stories that you shared were powerful and allowed us to connect with you on an individual level. Your genuineness was evident and it left our team inspired and ready to tackle challenges.

Joshua Blesdoe
North Carolina FFA Association

Your dynamic stage presence and interactive approach made each member feel as if you were speaking with them personally. You captivated the audience with your real life stories and examples and shared your heart with compassion. Your message was profound and rang clear in the hearts and minds of all in attendance. Dr. Rigsby, thank you for standing up for what is right, sharing it with others and making a positive difference in the lives of all with whom you come in contact!

Sharon Reddell Pierce
Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

It was such a pleasure to have you speak to our delegates at the state leadership conference, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. You have such a powerful message and a wonderful method of delivery. You certainly captured the attention of our members…Hopefully we can continue to have you motivate our members and have your support in promoting the value of learning life skills through our discipline and organization.

Susan Holder
MSU 4-H Youth Development

Please allow me the opportunity to express my appreciation for you being the keynote speaker for this year’s State 4-H Congress. What a message! Your presentation was a real life demonstration of what positive life choices can mean, and where those choices can lead an individual. Thank you for… your support of Mississippi’s most important resource – our youth!

Steve Gratz
Ohio FFA Association

I have worked with countless presenters over the years for our annual state FFA convention, and you certainly stand out as one of our best. Your allure, authenticity, and capability to connect with the audience made an enormous impact. Your message not only entertained our audience with your enthusiasm, but also served as a conduit for embodying leadership and integrity. Our FFA members and teachers spoke highly of your presentation throughout the remainder of the convention.

Melvin Ziegenbein
Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

What a tremendous impact you made on our personnel at our annual sales meeting. Thank you for taking the time to motivate and inspire us. My prayer is that our people will not only see it as entertainment and let it fade away, but grasp hold and put into practice the principles you mentioned. That is where we as management enter the picture to assure they do. You have a great story to tell and you do it magnificently.

I received the CD that you sent recently, “Making an Impact”. I previewed it at home and then brought it to school to share with my nursing students. One of my male students thanked me for sharing the recording with him. He told me that he immediately called his mom afterward; thanking her and telling her he loved her. I am sure this is only one of many testaments to the good work of Dr. Rigsby. I will continue to look for new recordings, books, etc. as they become available. Thank you again!

Diane J.

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Jim Subers
Men At The Cross

I attended the Men at the Cross event and I want to thank you for your powerful ministry to us. I have reflected much on your call to “go all out” in our love, in our lives and ministry! You have a real message for this generation. A message that desperately needs to be heard.

Sandra V. Pena
Texas A&M International University

By way of humor and energy, you connect with people and deliver your encouraging messages so effectively. “Are You Still Making An Impact?” certainly reinforced all the right messages for our growing and changing institution: embrace change, work together, and do your personal best to continue making an impact. Thank you for once again inspiring our employees!

Jon M.
Promise Keepers

I want to tell you how much I appreciated all you did for me during Promise Keepers Spokane, WA…Your messages inspired me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams…Take care and God Bless.